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Dedicated volunteers help guide the Tyee Club

We rely on the advice, expertise and commitment of dedicated Tyee Club members who serve on our volunteer committees. Thank you for your support!

Tyee Executive Committee

Anne Gittinger
Don Barnard
John Connors
Ron Crockett
Nick Keller
Janice Olson
Jim Voelker
Alex Washburn

Tyee Board

Janice Olson
Alex Washburn
Vice Chair
Craig Suhrbier
Past Chair
Ed Bridge
Kyle Enger
Carol Gullstad
Jason Hamilton
Tony Richardson
Kerry Odeman
George Schuchart
Dixie Wilson
Sue Wolthausen-Learmer
Sally Wright
Jim Voelker

2016—17 Sports Council

Now accepting applications for the Tyee Sports Council.  Apply today!

Joshua Brothers
Jon Bruch
Eric Bueser
Dave Drummond
Haleigh Gautreau
Michael Leichner
Frank Palino
Brad Parker
Kit Raney

Bryron Richards
Melinda Rost
Janet Straus
Alex Tom
J.J. Westfall
Jack Westphal
Aaron White
Dan Williams

Young Tyee Committee

Andy Palmer
Angela Sgarlata
Amber Carrigan
Griffin Day
Josh Fredendall
Whitney Lundberg