The Big W Club is the front porch to the athletic department for ALL former student-athletes.

Who is a Big W Club member?
Big W Club membership is granted to student-athletes immediately upon receiving their first varsity letter.

Do I have to pay dues?
No, dues are no longer required for membership. The Big W Club transitioned away from them a few years ago, allowing us to specifically define our membership base.

How can I support?
Since we are no longer a dues paying organization, our financial stability relies on generous donations to the Big W Club Fund. Our ability to maintain a first-class atmosphere in all of our events is directly correlated to annual support.


How can I get involved?

Be active and reach out
We want to hear from you! Make sure your contact info is up to date and don’t hesitate to email the Big W Club to connect and touch base.

Follow us on Social Media
For the most up-to-date information, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

Attend events and reunions
The Big W Club sponsors events and engagement opportunities catered to letter winners and their desire to reconnect with Husky Athletics. Check out the latest news on events and reunions!

Reach out to your teammates
Connect or reconnect with your teammates and invite them to attend the Big W Club reunions! If you have lost contact with a teammate, let us know — we can help.

Become a season ticket holder
Attending Husky games as a season ticket holder for Football, Men’s Basketball, and/or Women’s Basketball is a great way to stay involved with Husky Athletics.

Volunteer to mentor current student-athletes
The Big W Club is dedicated to facilitating career development and growth for current or newly graduated student-athletes. Some of our outreach services include informational interviews, career mentoring, and network referrals. Learn more about networking and volunteering and how you can get involved.


What are the benefits of being a Big W Club member?

  • Exclusive invitations to events and reunions
  • Entrance to the Big W Club Tent in The Zone prior to every Home Husky Football Game
  • Reduced admissions to the UWAA Washington Warm-Up at select road games.
  • Access to purchase away game football tickets
  • 100 Tyee Points upon becoming a season-ticket holder*
  • *In 2011, Being mindful of the impact former letter winners have imparted on UW Athletics and preparing for renovation of Husky Stadium, the decision was made in 2011 to transition from an official Big W Club section and award all members with 100 Tyee priority points. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the athletic department priority points system, points are assigned based on the certain criteria. The 100 Tyee points awarded on your status as a former letter winner is equivalent to a $10,000 gift to UW Athletics or 20 years of consecutive season ticket purchase. The Priority Points System is utilized to rank all Tyee members for appropriate allocation of tickets, parking, events and other Tyee related activities. These points will make a meaningful impact by either adding to your current priority ranking or creating a solid foundation to build upon. Become a season ticket holder today.