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The Tyee Difference: Spring 2024
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The Tyee Difference: Spring 2022
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The Tyee Difference: Spring 2016
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Investment in student-athletes pays lifelong returns for Dewar family

Doug and Jan Dewar know a lot about the value of a smart investment, whether it’s in real estate or in the lives of student-athletes... FULL STORY

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Track & Field chases excellence

Last season, eight members of UW Men’s Track & Field made history when they ran a mile under four minutes in the same race — not once, but twice. Joe Waskom, Brian Fay, Sam Ellis, Kieran Lumb, Aidan Ryan, Luke... FULL STORY

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Triumphs in full bloom

After impressive fall and winter seasons, our spring sports teams continued the momentum last year. Here are a few highlights from last spring. FULL STORY

Programs and More

Your impact: a year of athletic and academic success — thanks to you!

Your generosity propels our student-athletes to excellence in sports, in academics and in life. FULL STORY

Programs and More

Mighty are the women of Washington!

Here are a few highlights of achievements since the inception of Title IX in 1972... FULL STORY


A charmed life nearly broken

Carley Thomas was on top of the world before that summer day on Lake Washington. She had a supportive family in Australia, where she’d excelled as a teenage world-class runner. Her scholarship to Washington was... FULL STORY