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Go All In for your Huskies and earn triple priority points

COVID-19 has triggered an unprecedented and potentially devastating financial deficit for Washington Athletics. While our department has and will continue to implement cost-saving measures in an effort to mitigate financial deficits, we won’t be able to close the gap without you. We need our incredible fan base to come alongside us and stay All In to help continue to carry on the positive momentum we have built together on Montlake.

We are asking all Season Ticket Holders and Huskies everywhere to join us by participating in the Huskies All In Campaign. Transitioning your seat-related gift and/or season ticket payment will go directly to supporting over $16 million in scholarships for 650 student-athletes and will ensure continued sponsorship of all 22 of our teams. Our broad-based success as an athletic department has been a long-standing point of pride for this community and it will take your support for us to maintain all of our beloved programs. Any and all gifts will make a difference!