Husky fans put their passion into action with The Tyee Club

Established in 1976, the University of Washington Tyee Club is the home of dedicated Husky fans who show their pride and support through financial gifts. As one of more than 8,500 Tyee Club members, you give outstanding student-athletes the chance to excel in their sports and in the classroom. You bring the best coaches in the nation to Washington and build winning teams. You inspire our community by serving as leading examples of the power of philanthropy to change lives.

How do you become a member of the Tyee Club? It’s easy, and often automatic. Here’s what makes you a Tyee:

  • You are one of the more than 6,000 season ticket holders who make a “seat-related gift”. Gifts tied to season tickets not only provide essential support for student-athletes and Husky teams, they enable you to earn priority points and improve your experience as a fan. In fact, every gift you make to Husky Athletics, seat-related and other, boosts your priority position.
  • You contribute at least $100 a year to The Competitive Edge Fund, earning multiple benefits while helping student-athletes earn a college education and helping your favorite teams excel.
  • You make a one-time or sustaining gift to help a specific team, to pay a pledge on capital projects or facility enhancements, or to support Husky Athletics’ other most pressing needs.
  • You establish an endowment to provide a perpetual source of scholarship funds to give student-athletes a world-class UW education. Endowments also can fund coaching positions or programs.
  • You let us know that you’ve remembered Husky Athletics in your will with a legacy gift.

Our team is here to support you in your desire to make a difference for your Huskies. We offer a wide variety of ways to support UW Athletics and stand ready to assist you in putting your passion into action. Contact us to learn how you can make the most of your philanthropy and your role as a Tyee Club member.