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The Tyee Difference: Spring 2023
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Gratitude Report: 2022–23
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The Tyee Difference: Spring 2023
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Coaches and Staff

Fueling champions

For Husky Football, the most important time is not game day, but the critical hours long before student-athletes step onto that field. The unwavering focus on strength, conditioning and nutrition, coupled with a phenomenal staff, contributed to UW’s 11-2 record... FULL STORY

Donors and Difference-Makers

‘We could never give back as much as we receive’

When it came time for Tyler and Ginger Branham to purchase a home for their growing family, they insisted on a very important priority: it had to be close to the University of Washington. As Men’s Basketball and Football season... FULL STORY

Programs and More

Game-changing innovations for student-athlete recovery

Everybody loves the thrill of game day: the breathtaking plays, the resounding echo of the final buzzer and the electric energy of the crowd. As the excitement subsides, however, a different challenge takes center stage: helping student-athletes recover... FULL STORY

Coaches and Staff

A conversation with the new leader of Washington’s Big W Club

Former Husky Football player Justin Glenn (’13) brings a lifelong passion for the UW to his new position connecting letterwinners with their alma mater. Most recently Director of Player Development under Coach DeBoer, Justin brings his unique perspective as a... FULL STORY


Rallying through changes and challenges

Her first challenge came when she was recruited by Pepperdine University to play tennis. The move from Norway to the United States came with intense culture shock, language differences and a much hotter climate... FULL STORY

Programs and More

The Boys in the Boat

On the brink of Hitler’s rise, nine young Husky rowers fearlessly embarked on an incredible journey, carrying with them the hopes of a nation. Defying all odds, this ragtag group seized gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics... FULL STORY