Support Gymnastics

As COVID-19 continues to spread uncertainty among all Washington sports, Interim Head Coach Ralph Rosso and our Gymnastics student-athletes are more grateful than ever for your generous support. Thanks to you, Washington Gymnastics student-athletes have thrived — in competition, in the classroom and in life.

During this challenging time, with all 22 Husky teams impacted by COVID-19, your generosity means more than ever as the Athletic Department faces an unprecedented budget shortfall. We’re trimming costs through salary reductions and 15-percent across-the-board budget cuts, but our ability to provide a meaningful Husky experience to Washington student-athletes — including the gymnasts you love — remains at risk.

Today, we are One Team.

That’s why Washington Gymnastics is asking you to extend your support in 2020–21 to every team. Ralph is joining the other UW Head Coaches to ask you to go all-in for 650 Washington student-athletes by donating to Huskies All In. Your gift will still support your favorite team while helping to ensure we can fuel the athletic and educational dreams of every student-athlete.