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Dave and Ruth Cohn Alumni Merit Award

The Dave and Ruth Cohn Alumni Merit Award was established in 1988 to honor a former letter winner for outstanding service and support of the University of Washington. This person exemplifies integrity, leadership, sportsmanship and community involvement that parallels athletic goals at the institution. The award recognizes a special commitment and dedication to the overall University of Washington mission.

2021 Ingrid Russell Narcisse
2019 Pete Shimer
2018 Mary Whipple Murray
2017 Bruce Harrell
2016 Eric Cohen
2015 Patricia “Trish” Bostrom
2014 Blake Nordstrom
2013 Jim Lambright
2012 Mike Rohrbach
2011 Bob Houbregs
2010 John Wilcox

2009 Denise Ashbaugh
2008 Steve Hawes
2007 Andre Riley
2006 Lorenzo Romar
2005 Tom Turnure
2004 Bruce Richards
2003 Greg Lewis
2002 Bill Douglas
2001 Warren Moon
2000 John Buller
1999 Bruce Kramer

1998 John Meyers
1997 Bob Flowers
1996 Rick Redman
1995 Norm Dicks
1994 Charles Mitchell
1993 Dick Sprague
1992 Frank Orrico
1991 John Nordstrom
1990 Rich Worthington
1989 Torchy Torrance
1988 Jim McCurdy

Frank Orrico Award

The Frank Orrico Award was established in 1994 and is given to Tyee Club members at the University of Washington who have demonstrated an uncommon level of dedication to Washington Athletics. The winners have supported the Athletic Department as members of the Tyee Club and exemplify the dignity, courage, commitment and generosity for which Frank Orrico is fondly remembered at the University of Washington. Strong preference will be given to recent volunteers.

2021 Jim Kenyon
2018 Herb Mead
2017 John Runstad
2016 Jim Houston
2015 Jim Rose
2014 John & Kathy Connors
2013 Dave Rost
2012 Kristie Forrest
2011 Neal Dempsey

2010 Nick Keller
2009 Col. Don Wiethuechter
2008 Anne Gittinger
2007 LaGayle Sosnowy
2006 Maxine Barnard
2005 Jack Rhodes
2004 Gertrude Peoples
2003 Dave Torrell
2002 Bob McMillen

2001 Tom Porter
2000 Tom Wolthausen
1999 Mike Malone
1998 Don Barnard
1997 Ron Crockett
1996 Dave Cohn
1995 Wayne Gittinger
1994 Bruce Nordstrom