Varsity Awards

UW student-athletes are eligible for four different varsity awards: a letterman jacket, framed letter, ring, and blanket. Requirements for each award are listed below. Please note that the criterion for lettering is determined by each individual sport’s head coach.

To order your varsity award, please fill out and submit the corresponding order form, listed below. Due to the ordering process, it may take up to one full year from the date you place your order to receive your varsity award.

Your first varsity award in each category is covered by the Big W Club. You are responsible for the cost of any replacements. Payment can be submitted via check (payable the Big W Club).

Questions about this process can be directed to Heidi Bush at or 206.616.1180


Letterman Jacket

Framed Letter



To be eligible, you must graduate and have one of the following:

  • 4 years participation and 2 letters earned
  • 4 years participation and letter earned in senior year
  • Transfer students from a 2-year school must earn 2 letters
  • Transfer students from 4-year school must letter all years at Washington
  • Blanket Order Form