Your Loyalty and Generosity Earn Tyee Club Priority Points

As a season ticket holder and Tyee Club member, you’ll receive a ranking based upon accumulated priority points. Your priority ranking can help determine the location of your football and basketball seats, parking and other benefits. Priority points are earned by how much you donate to UW Athletics, how long you’ve been a Tyee Club member and how many consecutive years you purchase tickets. UW letter winners also earn a one-time point award.

Priority point rankings can come into play in a number of different scenarios. For situations related to stadium or arena seating, such as a full seat reallocation or upgrades in non-reallocation years, a rank of all season ticket holders is used to determine selection appointment order or placement on a particular waitlist. This ranking includes both Tyee Club members and season ticket holders that do not have Tyee Club seats.

For matters related to Tyee Club benefits such as parking, away game and bowl game ticket allocation, etc., the priority ranking is amongst Tyee Club members only.

Priority point ranks are sport specific and an account holder must currently have season tickets in that sport for them to be activated.

You can create an account and track your priority point totals online here.


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Seat Limits

You may purchase up to eight premium as well as eight general season football tickets at your full priority rank. You are welcome to buy additional seats beyond the limit but you will need to select a method of recalculating your priority to match your purchase. You can either choose the additional seats at 25 % of the full priority or use a blended average of your full priority and select them all at the same time.

For basketball, you can purchase up to four season tickets at your full priority giving level. Additional seats above four will be allocated at 25% of the full priority value of your donor seating account. Donors with more than four seats may also allocate their seats along a blended average of their full priority.