Husky Baseball Diamond Club

The Diamond Club is the fundraising support group for the Husky Baseball program. Your financial commitment provides the necessary resources to play a nationally competitive schedule, purchase top of the line equipment and recruit the most talented players. By joining the Diamond Club you not only make a difference for our program you have a direct impact on our ability to reach the College World Series.

Diamond Club Membership Levels & Benefits:

  • Pac-12 Champion ($100)
    • Recognition at a home baseball game in 2017
  • Regional Champion ($500)
    • Pac-12 Champion level benefits
    • Autographed team poster
  • Super Regional Champion ($1,000)
    • Pac-12 Champion and Regional Champion level benefits
    • Invitation to take (or watch) batting practice with the team
  • Omaha ($5,000)
    • Pac-12 Champion, Regional Champion, and Super Regional Champion level benefits
    • Opportunity to designate the bat boys (or girls) for a game
  • National Champion ($10,000+)
    • Pac-12 Champion, Regional Champion, Super Regional Champion, and Omaha level benefits
    • Opportunity to throw out a first pitch or designate someone to throw it for you
    • Invitation to join the team in the dugout for a game


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