Your gifts to Men’s Basketball Team Support directly assist Coach Hopkins and his staff in recruiting the best student-athletes and giving them access to every opportunity that a University of Washington education can provide.

Gifts of any amount make a difference to the basketball program, are tax deductible and earn Tyee Club priority points. Basketball specific benefits begin at the Coaches Corner Level.


Levels and Benefits

$500 Coach’s Corner

  • Invitation to the Private Pre-season Preview Event
    Bring a family member, a client or your best friend to a watch a private pre-season practice. Coach Hopkins will explain what you are seeing on the court, introduce you to the team and provide an opportunity to ask questions and get autographs. This is your chance to meet the team and hear about the upcoming season before it starts!

$1,000 Husky VIP

  • Invitation to the Private Preseason Preview Event
  • Invitation to Join the Team for Meal at the Conibear Shellhouse
    Each day in the dining room at the Conibear Shellhouse, student-athletes from all sports gather for meals specifically prepared to meet the nutritional needs of collegiate athletes. As a VIP you will be invited to join the team for one of these dinners. This experience provides the most authentic behind-the-scenes look at the life of a student-athlete.

Children are welcome and encouraged to attend team support events, though participation may be limited for youth of recruitable age.

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