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The Tyee Difference: Winter 2018


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The Tyee Difference: Winter 2018
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Another stellar season for Washington Football

Another stellar season for the 10–2 Washington Football team culminated in a trip to the Fiesta Bowl, where the Huskies played with pride and passion in a 35–28 loss to Penn State. FULL STORY

Donors and Difference-Makers

All in the family

The Names family establishes a loving legacy for generations of support for the Huskies. A passion for helping others that traces its roots back to the Great Depression has evolved into a family-centered philosophy of philanthropy FULL STORY


The journey back to joy

A courageous Gym Dawg finds the support and self-acceptance to overcome big challenges. Janae Janik pressured herself to be perfect. The stress of living up to her own sky-high expectations to be the best possible student and gymnast FULL STORY

Donors and Difference-Makers

A Husky love story

Courted, committed and inspired ‘by the bravery,’ 103-year-old Sonia Spear has treasured her Huskies for eight decades. What began as a car ride home from a picnic in 1935 evolved into a football-themed love story FULL STORY


Medical innovation sustains champions

Holistic on-site care keeps student-athletes healthy and ready for competition. With a new championship-winning coach and a revitalized, hard-training team of rowers, Marlee Blue knew that Washington Women’s Rowing was poised to race FULL STORY

Donors and Difference-Makers

The impact of scholarships

Donors and student-athletes gather to celebrate 20 years of supporting student-athletes’ education FULL STORY