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The Tyee Difference: Winter 2022


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The Tyee Difference: Winter 2022
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A spirit undaunted

Everyone who remembers Husky running back Junior Coffey mentions his smile. The way his face lit up on every play. The joyful grin in even the hardest practices. A spirit undaunted by the everyday hardships of... FULL STORY


A charmed life nearly broken

Carley Thomas was on top of the world before that summer day on Lake Washington. She had a supportive family in Australia, where she’d excelled as a teenage world-class runner. Her scholarship to Washington was... FULL STORY

Coaches and Staff

Introducing Coach DeBoer

Kalen DeBoer knows what it takes to build a successful football program. He’s been doing it for two decades. “We want highly talented and skilled players, but that’s just a part of it,” says Washington’s new Head Football Coach... FULL STORY

Coaches and Staff

Upholding academic integrity in athletics

Professor Alexes Harris bled purple long before she became a professor of sociology at the UW. A Garfield High School grad, she dedicated her career to exploring and rectifying social injustice while also working to help Washington Athletics... FULL STORY

Donors and Difference-Makers

An inspiration in life and legacy

Milt Bohart lived his life through his values. Work hard and always do your best. Actions count more than words. Honesty above all. Give back, but don’t trumpet your philanthropy. So, sharing the story... FULL STORY

Coaches and Staff

Conversation with Coach: Beach Volleyball’s Derek Olson

Derek brings to the UW a decade of experience at club, NCAA and National Team levels. He spent four seasons at California, the final two as acting/interim head coach, and helped the Golden Bears to... FULL STORY