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The Tyee Difference: Spring 2021


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The Tyee Difference: Spring 2021
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Six years of ups and downs prepare UW Softball player for life

For someone who admits she was “awful” at most sports as a kid, Morganne Flores certainly has boasted impressive accolades in her six years with Washington Softball: All-Region, All Pac-12, All-American... FULL STORY

Donors and Difference-Makers

A life well remembered

How a Cold War spy, his ‘chocolate shoe’ bride and countless UW moments created a legacy... FULL STORY

Donors and Difference-Makers

‘This is who we are at Washington’

If you’re one of the fortunate Washington student-athletes who earn an internship in Cat Clark’s law office, you learn about a lot more than the law. Persistence. Strategic thinking. Current affairs. Social skills... FULL STORY


Risk, survival and triumph anchor three generations of the Ulofoshio family

Grandma was always there for Eddie Ulofoshio. A calm presence in his life in Alaska, making his favorite egusi soup with Nigerian spices, chicken and vegetables. It wasn’t until after... FULL STORY

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One season, 19 sports, countless thrills!

When COVID-19 forced the postponement of fall sports like Soccer and Volleyball, we were determined to give every student-athlete the opportunity to compete. That meant that 19 of Washington’s 22 sports teams played this spring... FULL STORY

Programs and More

Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion to benefit everyone in Husky Athletics

Sheridan Blanchard played college basketball in Minnesota before earning a Master’s of Education in Intercollegiate Athletics at UW in 2016. She returns to helm our DEI efforts... FULL STORY